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B&B Air

Switch Earpads

B&B Air allows you to switch between two earpad sizes so you can adjust to any situation.

Personalize your Headphone

If you wish you can give your B&B Air a name. For this you can contact our support, we are looking forward to personalize your headphone!


The B&B Air is a fantastic allrounder! We have put a lot of effort into getting the most out of high, middle and low frequencies. All together we got a nice and clear soundwave which is supported by strong bass that will warm up the atmosphere of your music.

Highquality Material

The B&B Air consists of high quality material such as light-metal. To give it the final touch several parts have been coated with oil for great look and feel.


B&B Air is a fine combination between a beautiful sound-signature, design, innovation, individuality and quality material.

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Adjustability

Switch Earpads

You can change the size of your earpads from a lifestyle on-ear size to a studio around-ear size any time you want - 2 in 1 System. The Earcups are made out of high quality and endurable PU Material. This way you can enjoy optimal comfort and shelter surrounding noise away from you music experience.


The B&B Air headphone should meet its image as an allrounder. Therefore the drivers have been set up to fit to all music-styles. Highs, mids and lows have been adjusted to give you the perfect soundwave which is supported by strong bass that will vibrate your soul. Apart from the clear quality we have built in the newest bluetooth system available on the market.

Personalize your Headphone

Do you want that your B&B Air is branded with your own name? No problem! The headphone will normally be delivered with the original B&B Brandname on top. It is although possible to personalize this part. Contact our support and we will help you to make your own personal headphone.

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